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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using Ability Home Care?

We handle the details of hiring and maintaining the caregivers so you can focus on other aspects of your loved one's care, or your own.  Benefits include:

• Staffing, vetting and background on all caregivers.

• Finding a replacement if the primary caregiver can't be available for any reason.

• Regular check-ins with our caregivers to make sure everything is going smoothly.

• Simplified payment process.

How do you recruit and screen your caregivers?
Ability Home Care contracts Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Home Health Aides (HHA). All caregivers are thoroughly screened for credentials, criminal background, work references, and physical condition.  Each caregiver is thoroughly trained on best practices for home and senior care, has CPR and first aid certifications, and receives continuing companion care, senior care, and home health care education. They must display the kindness and compassion required to care for others.

Can I contact you on the weekends or after work hours?

If you're facing a life or death situation, always call 911 first!  We know that circumstances can abruptly impact services and we do our best to quickly respond.  Clients may contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I make changes?  If a change in service is required, the more notice you can give us, the better we are able to address the needs. A 24-to-48 hour window of time is ideal.

Will my insurance cover home care services?

There are many different types of insurances that pay for home care services such as long-term care insurance and workers compensation policies. We suggest contacting your insurance company and/or employee benefits department for starters.  

Can I pay directly?

Clients may pay for services out-of-pocket to gain the greatest flexibility and customization of care.

How do I get started?

Scheduling an assessment is free and easy! This allows us both to determine the best fit services for your needs. 

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